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algorithhmic trading software based soley on price action

W W W . Z - T R A D E R . C O M

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We are the #1 provider of technical indicators worldwide. Trusted by over 50,000+ traders.

Profit Factor

Profit Factor

Profit Factor is defined as the sum of all winning trades divided by the sum of all losing trades. A Profit Factor above 1.50 is considered good enough and above 2.0 it is considered ideal. in short, if the prfit factor is 2.0 , it means for every dollar you lose, you will make back 2




including but not limited to

  • extremely low drawdown
  • pure price action
  • No repaint
  • custom time alerts, from 1 trade a day to 6 per asset class
  • custom risk management
  • extremely easy to understand
  • profit factor over 2

    Interactive Brokers

    PLATINUM Tradable assets: Stocks, Future, Bonds


    PLATINUM Tradable assets: Forex, CFDs

    Valocity Trade

    SILVER Tradable assets: Stocks, Forex, CFDs

    Trusted by over

    50,000+ users.

    Very helpful indicators

    Using the Z-Trade indicators doing a top down analysis from the daily and weekly chart, it has not only helped me understand which way price is going but also helps me get into the trend at the right times catching the pullbacks/retest to very accurate S/R zones (shown by the indicator) on the smaller timeframes. On my small live account my usdjpy trades right now are floating at over $200+ from a balance of $32 as of writing this. Great indicators

    Damion Powell

    I’m happy to be in this family!

    I have been trading Forex for over 10+ years. Z-Trade exactly allows me to see the market faster and confirm entries / exits and it’s amazing! The technical support and especially the discord channel are amazing. The creators of the product are very helpful. In the first week I started I earned 25% of my capital.. I’m happy to be in this family!

    Çağrı Güler

    Hands down BEST indicators you can find.

    Ok, Normally I don’t give reviews, but Z-Trade is like nothing else I’be ever used. Hands down THE BEST indicators.. If you think their free ones are amazing, (which is what got me interested) just wait until you buy the premium ones. The cool thing is.. they make videos and walkthroughs of LITERALLY every indicator and setting and what it does. And they’re not long drawn out videos. And they have a whole team perfecting the coding and indicators.. Honestly.. Ive never seen anything like it. I almost canceled as soon as I purchased it because I thought i only got 3 indicators The Premium The SR& Patterns toolkit and Oscillators. haha i didnt realize there a TON of stuff WITHIN those.. at first.. Im an ultimate skeptic.. and im SOLD. 100% worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. i cant say this enough.. i tell every trader i care about to get it.

    Eric Bland

    Z-Trade. Premium indicators. Premium Community

    Z-Trade has really stepped my trading up, there is a setup for any style of trading you prefer which is very nice you don’t have to put yourself in a box metaphorically speaking. The team is constantly taking feedback and improving the premium indicators to better fit the needs of the community so that they can be successful as a whole. The discord is very active and the admins generally answer questions in a timely manner, no matter how many times its been asked. The Community is also is very active tons of people willing to help share new strategies they have come up with or to help possibly refine one of your own.

    Kevin Ortega

    After little longer than 1 year.

    I have had the most clear and enlightening experience with Z-Trade. I have come from another provider that happened to be more expensive but also more inclined to high level TA which made had a hard time to actually use it properly. With Z-Trade at a more affordable price I get the experience that I want, a TA that adapta to my own level of analysis. I get to select the tools that applies to my trading style and level with ease. Also the leaders are always providing with tutorials and main suggested trading strategies. I have even made a good friend in the channel with who I discuss strategies and ideas. Finally found the tools that I need and place where I can possibly get to the next level. Thank you gecko, smack and the rest of the team. Please keep it up. God bless.


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    Frequent questions

    Why are you cheaper than the rest?

    we charge less due to you needing a premium tradingview
    membership, we do this so that you use the best possible charting
    platform, your alerts are only as good as you charts

    How many assets can you trade?

    you can trade whatever asset your broker offers

    can i try this risk free?

    yes, tradingview aswell as Z trader offer trials, you can try our
    indicators, strategy tester and tradingview charts risk free with a trial.

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